Let the good times roll with Lord of Dice on smartphones today

Get a critical hit and grab your favorite die as Kakao Games has announced that NGEL Games’ tactical RPG Lord of Dice has been released in North America on iOS and Android devices. The game sports anime-inspired visuals and over two hundred characters to collect.

In Lord of Dice, players select a Master who they navigate through a tactical grid using a variety of collectable heroes — known as Dicers — to defeat enemies in a turn-based battle system. Collect more than 200 Dicers, with each one falling into one of six classes including Melee, Piercer, Magic, Sniper, Bomber, and Whirlwind, with their own unique abilities and attack patterns. In addition to their class, each Dicer has their own set of stats (Attack, HP, and Move) that players can use to build the ultimate party to fit their playstyle. Once players build a team that suits them, they can level up and evolve their Dicers to further enhance their abilities. Starting out as adorable adorable monsters, evolving Dicers makes them take on more human-like characteristics. Dicers who reach their max Awakened state transcend normal Dicers by having extra animations and visual effects in addition to their increase in power and durability.

Strategy is at the heart of every battle in Lord of Dice. Each turn players move through the arena by activating a Dicer’s Move ability. If selected, Dicers with ranged attacks can attack enemies while Dicers who are not used on a turn can charge up their ultimate attack. Players who are feeling gutsy can try and land on the same space as an enemy to trigger a Dice Battle. During a Dice Battle players choose three Dicers from their party — each with their own special dice ability — to engage in the battle. The team that rolls the highest number wins and deals devastating amounts of damage that can turn the tide battle to the player’s favor…or lead to their demise.

Check out the story trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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