Just zoo it! Capstone Games announces a new Uwe Rosenberg game: New York Zoo.

Capstone Games, in collaboration with Feuerland Spiele, have announced a new game from the renowned designer Uwe Rosenberg: New York Zoo.  This game for 1-5 players is for families who are looking to add some additional complexity to their games while still being straightforward and approachable. It is scheduled to release on August 5, 2020.

In New York Zoo, you are designing an animal park where you will build animal attractions, introduce new animals to your zoo, and raise their offspring. Gameplay is straightforward as you have only two options on your turn: build a new enclosure in your zoo, or populate your zoo with more animals. But be sure to time your actions well since you want your zoo to benefit from as many animal breedings as possible. The first player to cover all the construction spaces on their zoo board with enclosures and attractions wins the game!

Populate your zoo with penguins, meerkats, kangaroos, arctic foxes, and more!

New York Zoo is perfect for families seeking more complexity in their games. Because players must select between 2 actions on their turn, gameplay is accessible, straightforward, and fast. In addition, a challenging solo mode is included in the game!

This game will be available at Gen Con for those looking to get their hands on it early. Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for all your tabletop news.

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