It’s time to level up as Pong Quest paddles up on PC next week, on consoles later

Today, Atari announced a wacky RPG/Pong hybrid as Pong Quest heads to PC on April 21, with console releases coming later this spring. The game will allow you to go on a Pong-filled quest as you level up and destroy enemies using your trusty black and white paddle.

“PONG®” and “Quest” — bet you never thought you’d hear those two words used together! But sure enough, PONG Quest™ is real. For starters, it’s PONG like you’ve never imagined… A PONG game that casts you as a brave young paddle, delving into treacherous dungeons, collecting loot, and battling enemies. Each dungeon is loosely based on classic Atari® hits, including Asteroids®, Centipede®, and more.

As a fresh-faced adventurer, you’ll start by getting dressed for the occasion, choosing from a variety of hairstyles, hats, clothing, and stylish accessories. Once you’re decked out for your (PONG) quest, it’s time to begin your adventure. As you explore these dungeons, you’ll talk with quirky NPCs, find Atari-classic-inspired minigames, and, of course, battle against a variety of enemy paddles! Who needs a +1 Sword of Smiting when you have dozens of powered-up PONG balls that provide you with awesome powers like Curve Balls, Potion Balls (for a quick dose of healing), and the devious Shrink Ball — which reduces the size of your foe on contact and makes it harder for them to target additional incoming shots.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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