It’s fun forever as Endless Dungeon heads to consoles and PC next year

Yesterday, Amplitude Studios announced that Endless Dungeon will head to PC and consoles next year. The game is another installment in the popular Endless Universe, and will allow players to get a team together to stop a never-ending wave of baddies from destroying a crystal they’re trying to protect.

The Endless™ Universe is back in action baby, and things are about to get wild!

What’s the deal? Well, you’re shipwrecked on a mysterious space station. You’ll need to recruit a team of heroes and protect your crystal against never-ending waves of monsters. Or die trying, get reloaded, and try again!

For those of you who prefer things in writing, here are the ground rules we’ve covered so far:

Rule #1 – Certain weapons work best against certain monsters. Learn them for a leg up in the twin-stick action!

Rule #2 – Protect your crystal by placing turrets, because if it dies, you die.

Rule #3 – Teamwork makes the dream work. You can either control a whole squad by your lonesome or test your skills with friends in multiplayer.

Rule #4 – Adapt your squad by unlocking new heroes and changing them out as you please!

Finally, we’d like to let everyone know that they can sign-up the Endless™ Dungeon mailing list here and get a free skin at release on the platform of their choice.

That’s it for now! Endless™ Dungeon will be released on PC and Consoles in 2022.

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