Interact with your hands in VR with the new Forte Data Glove

BeBop Sensors is excited to announce the first VR haptic glove which comes with integration for Oculus Quest Link, Oculus Rift S, Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality, and HTC. This new glove will be officially announced and shown at CES 2020 in Las Vegas from January 7-10.  It is available to order now at their website.

The Forte Data Glove is the first haptic glove for the HTC Cosmos and first haptic glove for the Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, including HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, and Samsung, through integration with the HP Reverb. In addition, the Forte Data Glove is the first haptic VR glove to fully support Oculus Quest Link, which allows Oculus Quest to leverage the graphics capabilities and processing power of a VR computer for higher end VR interactions.

The first affordable all-day wireless VR/AR data glove, the BeBop Sensors Forte Data Glove provides a complete VR headset/data glove solution that fits in a small bag for easy portability with almost no set-up for on-the-go VR enterprise training, maintenance, and gaming anywhere/anytime. The Forte Data Glove ushers in the next generation of VR by allowing people to do real practical things in the virtual world with natural hand interactions — just as they do in the real world. The gloves provide missing touch feedback and make users feel like the virtual world is tangible for more realistic and safer training for business and enhanced VR gaming experiences.

BeBop Sensors Forte Data Gloves New Features:

  • Hand tracking ties natively into each system’s translation system.
  • Top-of-the-line finger tracking supplied by Bebop Sensors’ fabric sensors.
  • Unparalleled haptic feelings for hitting buttons, turning knobs, opening doors, etc. for touch sensations in VR/AR.
  • All versions are available for purchase right away and price competitively.
  • Comfortable, universal open palm design design fits most people.
  • Cleanable, hygienic and breathable with waterproof sensors.
  • Powerful haptics for an intuitive feel of different textures and surfaces.
  • Long battery life for all day use.
  • Fast sensor speeds at 160Hz with instantaneous response.
  • 9 degree IMU (Inertial Measurement Units) provide extremely low drift and reliable pre-blended accelerometer and gyro sensor data.
  • 6 haptic actuators are located on 4 fingertips, the thumb, and the palm.
  • Up to 16 unique haptic sound files can be resident on the glove with new files rapidly uploaded over Bluetooth or USB.

Get your hands on this new technology and stay tuned to Gaming Trend for all your gaming news.

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