I couldn’t beat Cuphead, but I can buy a cool collector’s edition from iam8bit

Announced today, a new limited edition of Cuphead is available from Studio MDHR in collaboration with iam8bit and Skybound Games. Thankfully, this one doesn’t include a kick and a punch. There’s a cool figure and collector’s card and… well, just check out the cool trailer below for all the details.

Cuphead Limited Edition Announcement Trailer

Today, Studio MDHR, iam8bit and distribution partner Skybound Games are launching the Limited Edition version of fan-favorite vintage run-and-gun action title Cuphead for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. Purchase the edition at for $59.99 USD/£54.99/€59.99.

Cuphead stole the scene back in 2017 due to its cartoonish run-and-gun action, original jazz recordings and dedication to creating a vibrant, old-timey experience with the same animation design techniques used during the 1930s. The Limited Edition is the latest in a long line of spin-offs, including a television series, DLC, and numerous awards and will be the perfect addition to any player’s collection.

The Limited Edition retail version of Cuphead includes thoughtful goodies such as:

  • Exclusive Ms. Chalice Fall Down Figure

  • Delicious Last Course DLC Expansion

  • Six Collectible Cuphead Funnies Cards

  • Cuphead Club Membership Card

  • Exclusive Interior Art by Studio MDHR

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more Cuphead news and info!

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