JSAUX brings the nostalgia with transparent plates for your Steam Deck

We all loved them back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Those awesome, wacky-colored, transparent casings that housed our controllers and consoles. If you yearn for that era, you’ll be happy to know it’s available again! This time, JSAUX is offering it, with transparent plates to attach to your Steam Deck.

Electronics brand JSAUX just announced a new set of accessories for the Steam Deck to celebrate its seventh birthday. After releasing a successful set of transparent back cases, JSAUX will now sell a transparent front plate plus a new transparent back plate with new ventilation and cooling features. These items will all be on sale, starting today. JSAUX will also release an anti-glare screen for Steam Deck, later in July. You can find more info about each product below:


This highly anticipated front cover will be released in three colors (crystal, brown, and purple) finally allowing players to own a fully transparent Steam Deck. This item will come with a full complimentary tool kit and an installation guide, however JSAUX would like to warn that the installation process, around 3 to 5 hours, is trickier than the one for the back cover and that users might proceed at their own discretion or seek help from a professional. The transparent front case is available for $35.99 / €33.

For those players that didn’t purchase the 512GB Steam Deck model, JSAUX has designed an anti-glare screen that aims to reduce the original screen’s glare, thus giving players a better experience with crystal clear visuals and sharper graphics. It will be available later this month for $89.99 / €83.

One of JSAUX’s most popular items gets an upgrade. The new transparent back plate has been redesigned with a new opening located at the Deck’s fan. The new heat dissipation system maintains the iconic aluminum sheet while managing to keep the temperature down due to new air openings and a redesign of the silicone case, thus improving the console’s performance. Preliminary tests show that the temperature during gaming is lower than with the first model of the transparent plate, though this data may vary depending on the usage of each player. A set with the new transparent back plate and transparent front case is available for $49.99/ €46 in three colors: crystal, brown, and purple.

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