Sneak Energy gets a little patriotic in new merch collection

They might be based in the UK, but Sneak Energy has a pulse on what it’s like to be an American. Some of this might seem like an April Fool’s joke, but it’s apparently all available, even the boat. Maybe you could grab it and name it the Mayflower or something. While I’m over here picking around for better jokes, go and check out the patriotic collection Sneak is offering!

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Known and loved in the gaming community for their low-calorie, sugar-free, energy formula drinks, Sneak Energy is now expanding its product range to appeal to the US market. The creative and dynamic brand has released an Independence Day collection that is sure to get patriots in the mood to celebrate. But, be quick as these items are only available while stocks last.

New Products:

Need for Sneak – $50,950

Aptly named, Sneaky McSneakface after its cousin across the pond, Boaty McBoatface, this top-of-the-range speed boat has everything you could need to enjoy Independence Day the right way.

Equipped with a built-in gaming console, you can now enjoy your favorite video games while cruising the waters.

Sizzling Sneak – $350

Fancy a BBQ? Sneak Energy’s hot new BBQ in the shape of the brand’s mascot, the Sneak Bunny is one of a kind for those who prefer a bit of character with their meals. The BBQ has non-stick racks to ensure your steaks are up to Sneak’s standards.

Float away – $20

Looking to be the star of the show at a pool party or need some independence from your loved ones? Float away with Sneak’s inflatable. With an eye-catching Independence Day-themed design, the lilo features vibrant red, white, and blue colors, adorned with stars and stripes. This inflatable is a true symbol of patriotism.

Why not kick back, relax, and open up a cold one whilst drifting away on one of these?

Hats off to ‘ya – $25.00 each

Grab yourself two limited edition Sneak caps. These highly-sought after hats are perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes while grilling up a storm on your Sneak BBQ. Expected to sell out, these hats will be the talk of any July 4th celebrations.

Wear it with Pride – $10 each

Sneak Energy has also released Independence Day-themed badges for the most patriotic among us to wear with pride. With a simple iron-on application, these badges are the perfect addition to any outfit.

Available now, head over to the website now to view the whole collection

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