Humble Bundle News: Grab Indie Alpha “Voxatron”! Name your own charity-donation price before it goes live for $15! Debut Trailer Inside!

The Humble Bundle is at it again! Really, these guys are becoming a site to watch for indie gaming – the concept is just too enticing, and bless their digital hearts, they keep the deals coming. The latest offering is Voxatron, which can be had for name-your-own-price as opposed to the $15 USD it’s going to cost when it’s finished and launched. As ever, the money you pay can be split in portions of your choosing between the developers and charity. So what’s this Voxatron thing all about? I’m about to talk about that – so click away!

Straight from the Humble Bundle site comes this essential summary of what you get with Voxatron: It’s a “voxel based old-school-gone-new platform shooter” with twenty levels of baddies, toys, and powerups. Voxels! I haven’t seen these things in years as far as I know – weren’t these the Big New Technology back in the days of Mode7 on the original Nintendo? Anyway, the game also comes with a level editing tool with monster creation tools being promised. All this plus access to future content and updates.

Frankly, I bought this right away. Humble Bundle price point plus old-school tech from modern programmers hooks me upon the instant. Others, however, may need more convincing. And so I give you some additional enticement: The debut trailer for the Humble Bundle Voxatron pack. Check this out, it’s got charm and it impresses.

The Humble Voxatron Debut

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