Robosen celebrates 40th Anniversary of Transformers with INCREDIBLE G1 Flagship Megatron!

This time last year I had an absolutely mind-blowing opportunity to unbox my childhood, literally.  Robosen built an incredible transforming Optimus Prime robot, and it melted my brain with just how cool it was.

Unboxing the Robosen Elite Optimus Prime -- I unboxed my childhood!! [Gaming Trend]

Later in the year they also released a magnificent transforming Grimlock that looked equally as awesome.

Robosen Grimlock Flagship Auto-converting Robot - Collector's Edition

Now they’re back with a magnificent addition to their lineup, and if the video below is any indication, this is my brain all melted once again.  Behold — the Flagship Series G1 Megatron!  Let’s get the insider info on everyone’s favorite Deception.

Robosen Robotics Innovation, Inc – a leading innovator in the field of consumer entertainment robotics, today announced during a Hasbro Pulse Fan Stream, the World’s First Auto-Converting Decepticon leader – Megatron! Joining the growing line of TRANSFORMERS robots created by Robosen and licensed by leading toy and game company Hasbro, the Flagship Megatron enters the battle against the Autobots with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Grimlock already available and on the market for order. The Flagship Megatron, first Decepticon collectible in the range, is now available for pre-order at and will retail on pre-sale for $899 USD for a 30-day window before moving to its standard price of $1,199.

After over 3 years of rigorous R&D, the talented team at Robosen has successfully produced a new, awe-inspiring conversion process with Megatron changing from robot to tank instantly, via app or voice! Coupled with a comprehensive set of functions, including automatic convertible movements from tank to robot, a new and more fluid bipedal walking algorithm, integration of 112 ultra-bright LEDs, an arsenal of incredible included weapons, and a brilliant silver-metallic finish that embodies the true essence of the ominous leader. The Flagship Megatron is poised to dominate any Autobot that stands in his way at a staggering 21” tall and is equipped with 36 servo motors along with 118 microchips powering it from the inside.

Robosen continues to develop a truly interactive experience for the millions of TRANSFORMERS fans worldwide, with its ever growing cast of TRANSFORMERS robots, which can now stage engaging scenes through Mini-Theater (a feature within the app), bringing these beloved characters to life right before your eyes! With all this astonishing technology and capabilities built into the Flagship Megatron, Robosen completes the savage leader in the most authentic way possible – building in the treasured talents of Frank Welker, the original voice of the 1984 G1 Megatron himself! Going into the studio specifically for this launch, Frank Welker recorded over 270+ unique lines and beloved phrases, which allow users to experience Megatron like never before, and in the most genuine way.

“We have been eagerly waiting to launch the most incredible, high-end TRANSFORMERS robot available on the market,” said Hansen Su, Founder and CEO of Robosen. “Our engineers have brought Megatron to life! Through the 50 engaging actions built in – the original voice of Frank Welker – to the most amazing converting process we have been able to achieve. Megatron in either tank or robot mode will bring any fan pure joy when they see it for the first time! It’s a beautiful product – we can’t wait for customers to get theirs!”

“Released in time for the TRANSFORMERS franchise’s 40th anniversary this year, the Flagship Megatron offers an exciting expansion to our existing line with Robosen as we introduce the first Decepticon to the mix. Now, fans can play out the battle between good and evil with stunning, state-of-the-art bots as we honor the franchise’s legacy and embark on the next four decades of action and adventure,” said Casey Collins, President, Licensed Consumer Products, Hasbro.

Megatron is available for pre-order as of today, and you might want to jump on it quickly — the pre-launch price is $899 USD for a 30-day window before moving to its standard price of $1,199.  Best of all?  Frank Welker, THE voice of Megatron, has brought this robot to life with his distinct voice, and is also signing the first ones coming off the line.

This is my childhood come to life all over again.  Who else should Robosen bring to life?  Starscream would be my vote!


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