Horizon Zero Dawn joins the board game space with new Kickstarter campaign

Guerrilla Games’ popular PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is being converted to tabletop form by the talented folks at Steamforged Games. The project’s Kickstarter, which launched this morning, has already crushed its goal of $200,114, and with funding secured the game is on-track for its March 2020 release.  While translating an open-world, action-RPG to a board game might be hard to picture, the Kickstarter page is full of details about the gameplay, as well as the backer tiers and planned expansions. For those curious in a surface-level look at the game, it is described as follows:

Combining innovative and dynamic game mechanics with strategic deck building, Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game offers players a unique experience on each playthrough. Hunters can develop along several skill paths and purchase a wide variety of ammunition and equipment from merchants, as well as facing entirely different encounters each time.

To learn more about the minutiae of the game, click here to check out the game’s Kickstarter page. Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more on Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game and everything else this industry has to offer.

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