Horizon Zero Dawn behind-the-scenes documentary released on Dutch TV

Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn has received a lot of critical acclaim ever since its release earlier in the year. Travis called it “the most badass game I’ve played this year,” and it’s sold nearly 1.83 million copies in its first week alone. Earlier today, a Dutch public TV documentary series recently aired a segment featuring the making of Horizon Zero Dawn, which delves into the development of the game.

VPRO Backlight got the opportunity to follow the team of Guerilla Games near the end of development of Horizon Zero Dawn. The video shows some developer interviews, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of motion capture within the game and other processing techniques that the team worked on within the development cycle. While the video is mostly in English, captions are recommended, as some of the segment is in Dutch.

Horizon Zero Dawn is out now exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Stay tuned for more news on Gaming Trend.

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