Highwater has docked, available now!

If you’ve been watching the coastline for Highwater to arrive, wait no longer. This comedic, aqua-based adventure is finally on console and PC, and at a discount. You can save 20% during launch week, so it’s a great time to grab it. All of the details are below, and if you haven’t heard about this one, check out the trailer above!

LOS ANGELES – MARCH 14, 2024 – How do you cope with a world-ending climate catastrophe? By taking a super relaxing boat trip! The megachill developers at Demagog Studio have announced that the award-winning narrative-driven adventure / strategy hybrid Highwater has landed on Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC via Steam, and the Epic
Games Store today. Download the game during launch week to enjoy a 20% discount.

Highwater | Official Game Trailer | Netflix


Winner of the Gold NYX Awards for Best PC Visual Art and Best PC Indie, Highwater has players float freely across vast waterways with a group of eccentric pals as they attempt to sneak onto a rumored rocket to Mars and begin new lives on the red planet. Use classic turn-based combat and items in your nautical environment, like oars, harpoons, fishing rods and more, to
sideline the seafaring scoundrel you’ll encounter on your voyage. When the waves have settled, soak in the sights and turn up the cozy vibes with Pirate Radio’s original zen tunes. Who said the end of the world had to be so dry?

Amid the Great Climate Catastrophe, a flooded safe zone called Hightower rests between the world’s only remaining dry regions: the ravaged War Zone and the fortified ultra-rich city of Alphaville. What’s left of humanity will drown soon.

When protagonist Nikos hears rumors of a rocket to Mars, he decides to set sail on a make-or-break journey across the War Zone, over  Alphaville’s impenetrable walls, and onto what he hopes is his ticket to survival. Can he make it there in one piece? Probably not. It’s a good thing he’ll enlist the help of a few buddies along the way.

Together with Nikos’ misfit crew, players can discover islands, gather resources, and battle insurgents using a turn-based combat system designed to reward the high sea’s best tacticians and puzzle solvers. Tactfully interact with the environment to change the tide in a moment’s notice. Knock down a tree, ram a shopping cart, or duck behind a worn out car – those sailor scum won’t know what hit them.

Will you make it to Mars or settle for a watery grave? It’s time to hoist the anchor and set sail, rocketman.

“Highwater tells an emotional story about friendships and survival in a flooded post-apocalyptic world equally disturbing and beautiful,” said Rogue CEO Matt Casamassina. “And it belongs to a much larger universe that spans three self-contained games.”

Highwater is the first chronologically in a trilogy of games set in a shared Demagog Studio-developed universe. The others, Golf Club Nostalgia and The Cub, complete the series.

Atmospheric adventure Highwater is out now across Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC via Steam, and the Epic Games Store. Download the game during launch week to enjoy a 20% discount. For more information on Rogue Games, follow us on Twitter, join the conversation on Discord, and visit us on the official Rogue Games website.

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