Hard Reset Ships via Steam / Launch Trailer

There is little in the way of good Cyberpunk titles on the market, but more recently that has been changing.  The folks at Flying Wild Hog (no, I’m not kidding) have released their Cyberpunk-themed shooter Hard Reset has released on Steam.  I’m working on a full review, but here is a nibble:

In a world where artificial intelligence research has gone awry, robots rise up against their masters and become the killing machines we all knew they were destined to be. Only your hero stands between a metallic hell and the safety of all humankind.

In response to reviewer and demo feedback, the release version includes an option to change the game’s field of view, more checkpoints, and a fast menu option has been included, among other changes.

It is fantastic when developers listen to fan feedback and make adjustments.  Expect my full review on Hard Reset in the next few days.  In the mean time, check out this video below for all the details on the weapons in the game.

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