Half an hour is all you need with Renegade’s upcoming August releases, Time Chase and Artsee

Want a fun tabletop experience that won’t tax your guests’ time? Renegade Game Studios recently announced that it will release two board games, Time Chase and Artsee, to board game stores this August. From time-traveling trick-taking to artistic gallery-hopping, these two experiences will engage multiple players without much setup time.

You’ve done it! You’ve cracked the code to unlock time travel! Your breakthrough invention has the potential to revolutionize the world as we know it, and undoubtedly your genius will be celebrated across the globe.

However, it appears that some of your scientific colleagues within the laboratory are trying to use your invention to travel back in time and take the credit for themselves. You must stop them and claim your rightful place in history!

Time Chase is a trick-taking game with a twist — you are allowed to travel back in time to previous tricks, known as events, and change their outcome. The first player to control three events in the timeline wins!

You are the curator at an art gallery that is expanding.  While you have fine tastes, it is important to be able to provide the experience that your customers are expecting.  During the game, you will build out the art gallery with new exhibits among the four wings of your gallery.  With enough prestige, you will earn the right to display prominent works, drawing in even more visitors.  In the end, the curator with the most prestigious gallery will win!

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