Go on an adventure with Magical Star Pillars, available now

Yesterday, Toolkitz Games announced that Magical Star Pillars was released on PC via Steam. The game retails at $6.99 and features over a hundred levels across a variety of different islands.

Magical Star Pillars features over 100 levels comprising of a variety of challenging puzzles throughout 7 islands which each have their own unique theme; a storyline that unfolds in parallel to each level; 7 playable characters to find; exploration and experimentation within the environments to discover secret areas; and much more besides. Magical Star Pillars will receive post-launch support in the form of free downloadable content featuring two entire new islands, bonus levels, unlockable behind the scenes content such as concept art, alongside controller support and more besides.

For those that would like to try the game out, there is a demo version currently available. Stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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