Galactic Civilizations III: Retribution released, adds hypergates, supply ships, and more

The largest expansion so far for Galactic Civilizations III, Retribution, has been released, bringing in hypergates, supply ships, new major civilizations, and more. This expansion also concludes the campaign against the Drengin Empire.

Across the galaxy, ancient alien artifacts are being discovered, giving civilizations powerful new capabilities. Meanwhile, as civilizations try to carefully balance building an economy, funding an ever growing war machine, and engaging in diplomacy, the humans of Sol III have invented a game-changing new technology – Hypergates – which, when connected, allow for rapid transit across the galaxy.

With two new major civilizations and the concluding campaign to the Galactic Civilizations III backstory that serves this massive space 4X sandbox game, Retribution asks the question: How will you rule your galaxy?

Galactic Civilizations III: Retribution is now available for $19.99 with a 10% discount on Steam. For more information on this expansion, visit the Steam page.

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