EVERSPACE 2 gameplay trailer shows off new star system, weapons and more coming in next update

EVERSPACE 2, the space action RPG from independent studio Rockfish, will receive an update this July. The update, titled Zharkov: The Vortex, will be the second major Early Access content update that Rockfish has pushed out to the game. The trailer shows off new natural hazards for players to contend with, new weapon types, and a new planetary location that is only shown briefly.

ZHARKOV: THE VORTEX Early Access Update Features:

  • New Star System – Zharkov: The Vortex takes players deep into the eye of the storm

  • New Main and Side Missions – More story and more to do; TTS placeholders of previous missions as well as all-new fully-voiced story content.

  • New Activities, Mini-Missions, and Challenges – A new system means more to explore.

  • New Companion – Watch out for more news soon!

  • New Light Fighter Class: The Vanguard – Watch out for more news soon!

  • Increased Level Cap – Get those numbers up, rookies! More levels mean more perks to explore!

It seems that fans of EVERSPACE 2 have much to look forward to with the release of this update, so be sure to check it out. Also, make sure to check out our preview, in which we said EVERSPACE 2 is “one of the best space games we’ve had in a very long time,” with easily two dozen hours of game to play before any of the major updates it has had.

For more gaming news and coverage on EVERSPACE 2 as we near its release, stay tuned to Gaming Trend.

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