First person boomeranger, Boomerang X gets new release date and trailer

Boomerang X | July 8 | Nintendo Switch + PC

From developer DANG! and publisher Devolver Digital, comes a new take on the first person shooter genre, Boomerang X. The game releases on July 8 for PC and Nintendo Switch.

In this game, your main weapon is the boomerang which you will use to cut through enemies from afar. Players will also have access to a blink-like teleport ability as well as the ability to slow time. Sporting a cel-shaded art style, the game looks great and the gameplay looks enticing.

Catapult yourself through the air, use the power drawn from fallen creatures to slow time and cut through the swarms of dark beings with your razor-edge boomerang. Travel through once bustling locales, sacrificed to hide a myth, and descend the Godpath into the lost realms below. Cleanse these halls and ensure that whatever lies beneath doesn’t come back.

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