EA Sports UFC to feature female fighters for the first time


What do you call it when there’s a damsel in distress, by way of being put in a punching-headlock by another damsel? You call it the next entry into the Ultimate Fighting Championship video games, that’s what! Electronic Arts has announced the inclusion of female fighters in EA Sports UFC, marking the first entry of playable female characters into the series.  Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and contender Miesha Tate are headlining this one, so fans of either will be pleased at this addition to the roster. And hey, if you were just eager to get yet more opponents to beat the tar out of? You’re getting that too. If you want to see some more of the action as depicted above, you’re in luck – EA’s released a trailer along with this news, included below.

Is it inappropriate to yell “Kick her ass!” when watching something like this? I’m not up on my UFC etiquette. Here’s the footage:

EA SPORTS UFC | Female Fighters Revealed


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