Disney Dreamlight Valley adds free DreamSnaps update

Wreck-It Ralph’s Vanellope is here along with the free content update “DreamSnaps” now live in Disney Dreamlight Valley. DreamSnaps is a new competitive mode will show off their creativity and compete in weekly challenges. In order to access DreamSnaps, players will need to unlock Vanellope. More details on the content update can be found below:

Scrooge McDuck claims to have spotted a ghost appearing and disappearing in the iconic Dreamlight Valley locale, but dedicated players will quickly discover the ghost is in fact Vanellope, the Disney character from the film Wreck-It Ralph. It turns out something about the Forgetting is causing her glitch powers to go haywire. Most importantly, Vanellope claims her glitching has allowed her to view other worlds, specifically other Valleys.

Once Vanellope is unlocked and welcomed to the Valley, players will also unlock DreamSnaps—a fun new competitive game mode where players can unleash their creativity and show off their design chops in weekly challenges. Each weekly DreamSnaps challenge will feature a different theme and prompt for players to use when selecting existing clothing or furniture. Players’ design skills will be tested as they must correctly use tagged clothing or furniture items that fit the week’s theme. Once they’ve submitted their image, fans will gain Pixel Dust, which will help them level up on the new DreamSnaps track, unlocking a variety of rewards including exclusive clothing, furniture, and Moonstones.

Players can earn Moonstones and a randomized selection of furniture or clothing items from Scrooge’s Store by participating in weekly DreamSnaps challenges. Afterwards, players can vote on submitted images via an online voting system, earning them even more weekly Moonstones! Moonstones earned through DreamSnaps can be used to unlock progress in Star Paths or purchase exclusive items from the in-game Premium Shop.

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