Skybound Entertainment announces The Walking Dead: Betrayal

The Walking Dead franchise has continued to grow with numerous spin-offs and game adaptations. The newest to the family is The Walking Dead: Betrayal from Skybound Entertainment and Other Ocean Interactive. The third-person action game is currently being developed for PC with an official Discord channel providing updates and info on the upcoming August 10 closed beta.

Out of resources, with a horde of walkers on their heels, players must work together to complete objectives and escape in The Walking Dead: Betrayal. They’ll need to work fast, as walkers aren’t the only threat they will have to face in rural Canada. While these survivors struggle to escape, incognito ‘traitors’ lurk among them, plotting to do everything in their power to delay repairs, and prevent anyone from leaving. As evidence of their sabotage becomes apparent, paranoia and accusations threaten to tear the survivors apart as they desperately work towards escaping.

“We’re tremendously excited to unveil this latest The Walking Dead experience that fully immerses players with a fresh and unique take on social deception gameplay,” said Robert Kirkman, Chief Creative Director of Skybound Entertainment and creator of The Walking Dead. “Partnering with Other Ocean Interactive, true innovators in this game genre, will allow players to experience hordes of deceit and distrust as they struggle to work together to survive and escape.”

“Pairing our deep experience and love for social deception gameplay with the incredible The Walking Dead universe is truly a match made in heaven,” said Andrew Ayre, CEO of Other Ocean Interactive. “It’s an honor for our team to collaborate with Skybound and we can’t wait to reveal more in the coming months, and for fans to experience it starting with our upcoming beta.”

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