Call of Duty: The Board Game’s Kickstarter launches August 1st

The Call of Duty Franchise is expanding to the tabletop with a new board game based on the ever-popular franchise.  The game is published by Arcane Wonders and features players choosing an operator, selecting missions, and planning their path of attack. Its Kickstarter campaign begins August 1st with demos being available at Gen Con Indy 2023.  You can check out our sneak peek featuring Robert Geistlinger over on our YouTube channel.

Tabletop board game publisher Arcane Wonders is delighted to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for Call of Duty: The Board Game — a thrilling new strategy game series inspired by the popular video game franchise — will launch on August 1, 2023. 

Base game pre-orders and additional Kickstarter pledge tiers will become available, with a worldwide retail release planned for 2024. Fans are encouraged to opt-in for the email newsletter to secure a free K-9 unit and receive news alerts at:

Call of Duty: The Board Game combines elements of strategy, tactical planning, and combat to create an intense and immersive gaming experience, which features stunning artwork and high-quality components. Miniatures of the iconic soldiers and weapons from the Call of Duty franchise, as well as a variety of scenarios and gameplay modes, will allow players to enjoy Call of Duty in a whole new way.

Key Features of Call of Duty: The Board Game:

–Become an Elite Operator: Legendary soldiers forged in war, customized for battle with signature weapons and unique combat skills.
–Select Your Mission: Choose from a wide array of iconic maps with a variety of intense game modes, including team-based objectives.
–Plan Your Attack: Secretly and simultaneously plot your moves using a simple and intuitive action system.
–Pull the Trigger: Catch your enemies off guard, then blow them away by choosing the perfect combo of battle cards and dice.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend as we plan to get hands-on with Call of Duty: The Board Game at Gen Con!

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