Decay of Logos announces staggered release dates in late August

Decay of Logos, a new action RPG from Portugese developer Amplify Creations is coming out this month. The developer announced its release today, which will be slightly staggered, coming out a few days apart on various platforms. The game will launch August 27 on Playstation 4, followed by the Switch version August 29, and finally arrive on PC and Xbox One August 30.

Embark on a journey of revenge and betrayal set in motion by the destruction of our young adventurer’s village at the hands of Crimson Knights. Find solace in your mystical elk companion as you battle the unforgiving foes that roam this once peaceful realm. Venture into ancient ruins and dungeons in search of its rewards in a quest to find the truth behind the attack of Ada’s home.

Take heed – there’s a dark and treacherous force at work in this world that corrupts even its inhabitants.

This is the first game from Amplify Creations, a studio that focused mainly on visual effects software before starting development on Decay of Logos.

The game’s tactical combat and emphasis on player-discovered lore will certainly draw plenty of Dark Souls comparisons, but it looks like it has a lot of original ideas to offer as well. Ada, the player character will form a bond with her elk companion, which will be help her in combat and puzzle-solving. Amplify Creations also says that the game will feature a lightweight interface and minimal handholding to keep players focused on the environment to find their way through the world.

Decay of Logos’ release date was announced in a trailer shared exclusively with IGN. Check it out below to see some of the game’s environments plus a look at its mix of ranged, melee, and magic combat.

Decay of Logos - Official Release Date Trailer

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