Retro inspired indie game, Rashlander, crashes onto Steam

Inspired by games such as Lunar Lander and Asteroids, Rashlander is a retro styled indie game with procedurally generated levels. It features an upgrade system, secrets, Twitch integration, score tables, an impactful visual style, and a professional soundtrack.

Inspired by arcade classics such as Lunar Lander and Asteroids, as well as neo-retro games like Downwell, RASHLANDER’s controls are simple, pure, and easy-to-learn. Successful gameplay relies heavily on a ton of skill. The procedurally generated levels force players to build ability instead of learning set patterns, paving the way for more challenging experiences and truly triumphant wins. Luckily, players discover a dense network of game-changing upgrade systems and life-giving fuel stations—all while attempting to achieve the highest score in this skill-based, physics-stuffed tribute to the golden era of arcades.

“Rashlander offers a modern arcade experience to hardcore gamers. It seems so simple, but it hooks you in for hours and hours of increasing complex play,” said Jordan Taylor, studio head at Hitcents. “It’s indie developers like Ryan Davis that are always trying to infuse something new into tried-and-true video gameplay, and end up creating a classic of their own.”

Rashlander is available now on PC via Steam for $3.99. For more information, visit the game’s Steam page.

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