D&D launches a D20 to space

In celebration of the new space-themed adventure setting, Spelljammer: Adventures, Dungeons & Dragons have launched a 3D printed Spelljammer ship holding a D20 to space!

Set to the tunes of the new Spelljams album, watch the epic journey of a little D20 as it takes flight in a 3D-printed Star Moth Spelljammer ship and sails through what can only be the Astral Sea. The launch took place in the California desert and the entire experience has been captured on camera – everything from the first dice roll to the last, ending with the D20 disappearing into the dark abyss of space, lost forever. Afterall, Wildspace is a dangerous place.

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Ellis is a fledgling table top hobbyist with a passion for finding and sharing novel experiences. Always on the hunt for a good laugh or competition, Ellis hopes to draw deserved attention towards any conduit of positive memories, small enough to fit on a table.

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