D&D gets a little Nerdier this September with a sweet partnership

Just when you thought you could finally play Dungeons & Dragons without the word “nerd” being thrown around, Wizards of the Coast and Nerds Candy announce that you’ll be able to unlock 1 of 7 custom D&D adventures with the purchase of a specially marked bag of Nerds candy:

The story begins in the city of Harmony which has been experiencing a strange case of “color outages.” Rumors are flying around about what might be causing the problem. Will the party be able to solve the mystery?

Nerds’ Pink, the Rogue – D&D x Nerds

Each of the 6 Nerd candy flavors will represent a different class with an adventure focusing on that character, and the 7th adventure brings them all together for a climactic encounter!

Find out more and unlock the gameplay at


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