Coding is fun for all ages with The Coding Saga Kickstarter campaign available now

Today, Robo Wunderkind announced that its Kickstarter campaign for The Coding Saga series of toys has launched, with a $50,000 funding goal. The toys aim to allow children as young as five-years-old to learn how to code with a variety of different activities and stories to tackle.

The Coding Saga from Robo Wunderkind expands on their already feature-packed robotics and coding toys with exciting challenges and fun stories that children can follow along, learning how to build anything from a smart lamp to a fully-fledged Android robot using code to get them to come to life. As kids progress, they’ll unlock more features increasing the capabilities of the robot including new sounds and visual effects, to upgrading motion and sensing capabilities.

Yuri Levin, Co-founder of Robo Wunderkind states “Since we shipped our first generation, we have learned so much about how children play and use robots at home and in a school environment. With the new version, we are taking the play and education to the next level, bringing the power of storytelling and gamification to modular robotics. The robot grows and evolves as the child does while learning essential coding and robotics skills, mastering block by block.”
The Robo Wunderkind app will see little ones follow along with in-app challenges and stories as well as creating their own projects which they can share with friends and family. Three different levels of programming complexity in the coding app will also provide for progressive learning.
Throughout their journeys, children will learn fundamental aspects of computer science including loops, parallel processing, command sequencing, conditional logic, inputs/outputs, and much more, all while building a functional robot made up of large tactile color-coded blocks.

Kids will also have the freedom to use their imagination to create whatever they can dream of, and accessorize their Robo Wunderkind creations as it is compatible with LEGO(TM) blocks, meaning the current box of toys integrates seamlessly.

For the Makers in the family, Robo Wunderkind can become so much more with both Python and Arduino APIs which unlock the full capabilities of the kit, introducing more advanced features for kids and parents alike, meaning the possibilities are truly endless as Robo Wunderkind robotics kit continues to adapt as your child grows up.

Anna Iarotska, Co-founder of Robo Wunderkind adds: “Using the imagination and curiosity of children, we introduce coding in a playful and versatile way into their lives. Family members will have fun in the process too, by either joining in and enjoying the magic of creating their own toys and stories together or just see what their child is capable of creating using their wonderful imagination and our smart building blocks”.

Robo Wunderkind’s kits will launch on Kickstarter the price beginning at $149 (MSRP $199) for Coding Saga and $299 (MSRP $399) for Coding Saga Unlimited.

Check out the Kickstarter, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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