Code of Princess Unboxing Video

Join the ever-affable Aram Jabbari, head of Atlus’ PR endeavors, for a whirlwind tour of all the goodies you’ll find bundled in with your launch copy of ​Code of Princess!

Remember way back when I first boasted about my plan to snag a copy on release day from one of the more chode-infested local shops?  I sure do, and while the event might be a bit less dramatic now that the worst clerks there have gone their separate ways, it’ll be no less satisfying now that I know how much cool swag the publisher is stuffing into those premium boxes.


Code of Princess (Nintendo 3DS) Official Unboxing Video


The side-scrolling RPG brawler ​Code of Princess​ will be released exclusively on the 3DS this Tuesday, October 9th.

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