CMON and Xplored introduce Teburu, a gaming console that integrates tabletop gaming and the digital world

CMON and Xplored have teamed up to introduce the world to Teburu, a console that integrates physical and digital worlds, letting plays focus on the board and its components while the system takes care of managing the rules, enemies’ behavior and storytelling events. The board senses where figures, monsters, and other elements are placed and the information will then be transmitted to any compatible tablet or computer running the Gamemaster App.

Groundbreaking technology senses where figures representing heroes, monsters and other gameplay elements are anywhere on the board. This information is transmitted seamlessly to any compatible tablet or computer running the Gamemaster App – no more hunting around in the rulebook. Make your move and the Gamemaster tells you what happens next.

Players can keep track of their own characters on Companion Apps running on their own smartphones networked to the Gamesmaster App, which is able to throw surprises at players with a malevolent intelligence never before seen in boardgames. What’s behind the door? The Gamemaster knows…

Roll the wireless dice anywhere, and Teburu does all the heavy lifting, taking into consideration player and monster statistics, equipment and other modifiers and displaying the final result instantly. No more math, just shoot zombies (with your dice)!

The first game on Teburu will be Zombicide Evolution – Las Vegas, an enhanced version of the game with a campaign full of choices that carry over a series of gaming sessions. Teburu itself will hit Kickstarter in 2020, but will make its debut appearance at Gen Con this August at the CMON booth (#417).

Players that visit the CMON booth will get a chance to try out the system with demos of Zombicide Evolution – Las Vegas. For more information on Teburu, visit CMON’s website.

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