Cities, gunshots, and Dexter references – Escape from Tarkov gets trailer for new location

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Coming in version 0.13 of Escape from Tarkov is the new Streets of Tarkov update. This update brings a new location with tight corridors, city streets, and tons of opportunity for the emergent gameplay fans love the game for. Also, surprisingly it also comes with a voice line that I can only assume is a direct reference to Showtime’s hit show Dexter. Watch the reveal trailer below.

If you’re left wanting a text explanation from the developers about what this update brings, look no further:

The architecture of the complex is dominated by clear geometric shapes and straight lines of the facades. A system of ventilated facades has been used, which helps to keep warm in winter and protects from overheating in summer. The color palette is restrained. High ceilings and panoramic windows will not leave anyone indifferent. Another advantage of the Concordia residential complex is the sufficient number of parking spaces in the underground parking – 149 parking places. The courtyard is closed, landscaped, including functional areas for games, sports and recreation, as well as a guest parking.”

Streets of Tarkov is the most ambitious new location in the game which is coming in future version 0.13.

There is no date set for the release of the new update, but you can trust Gaming Trend to keep you updated on all of the latest gaming news as it comes out. Stay tuned!

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