Century: Age of Ashes releases a new trailer for Gamescom, release date announced

The incredible looking free-to-play  Century: Age of Ashes released a new trailer for Gamescom highlighting the excitement that stems from taking the reins of a dragon and participating in fierce multiplayer battles. Considering how much everybody loves dragons, it’s actually surprising how few games we have based around them and how long it has taken for a great multiplayer game based around medievil dragon fights to be created. Here’s hoping Century: Age of Ashes lives up to the hype!

Playwing Bordeaux’s has announced that their first free-to-play game, Century: Age of Ashes, will officially bring its multiplayer dragon battles to Steam on November 18, 2021!

These past few months, Playwing has taken the time to analyze feedback players have delivered from the second closed beta for Century: Age of Ashes. The feedback has been incredibly instrumental in what players will experience when the game launches this Fall.

More than 200,000 players joined us during our second closed Beta on Steam. It was amazing, we had a lot of great feedback, and we can’t thank you enough for your help! We decided with the team to implement some important improvements to the game, instead of immediately releasing. We’re creating a game where we want the community to be involved. That’s why we’ve been working hard to spend this extra time to polish the game and add features suggested by our fans” said Pascal Barret, Playwing Bordeaux Art Director and Studio Manager.

Players will be excited to discover that Playwing has a few new features to unveil for Century: Age of Ashes in the months leading to launch. Baby dragons were one of the most requested additions by players during both closed beta periods, and Playwing are happy to share a sneak peek.

Century: Age of Ashes allowed players to explore two game modes during the closed beta hands-on period in Gates of Fire and Carnage. Gates of Fire is a unique mode in which two teams clash over possession of a banner, having to work together to run them through a series of gates! Carnage Mode is a 6v6 team-based killing spree with special power-ups appearing in the arena to unleash hell on your opponents. These two game modes will be available at the release of Century: Age of Ashes, alongside a brand-new game mode, code-named “Spoils of War”! This new game mode will activate unused skills, as the Playwing team wanted to further explore gameplay variants, with a team-based focus built on many tactical options. To fully embrace this new experience, a new map will be dedicated to the “Spoils of War” mode.

Playwing has also announced 3 Founder’s Packs for players who want to pre-order exclusive limited-time content prior to release. Choices include the Wyvern Pack ($19.99), Leviathan Pack ($39.99), and Behemoth Pack ($59.99). The Behemoth pack will also include a Wyvern Pack that you can offer to a friend, a good way to start to play Century as a team.

These three packs will unlock on player accounts different exclusive content including: dragon egg, dragon skins, items such as helmets, weapons and shields, along with many other items as well as in-game paid currency! For more details, go to

Playwing will provide more information in the upcoming weeks regarding the new game mode and other features planned for the official launch on November 18, 2021. Follow Century: Ages of Ashes on the below social channels to stay up to date on new information!

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