CATAN 3D, a luxury version of the popular board game, is available now. CATAN beer and Chicago mural announced

CATAN 3D, a gorgeously crafted 3D version of the popular board game, was released today. Painstakingly crafted by CATAN Studio and Asmodee, this luxury version of CATAN is sure to be the centerpiece of many game rooms in the near future. Check out the video above for a better look at this incredible set.  Additionally, to celebrate the launch of CATAN 3D, a limited edition beer will be released in collaboration with Champion Beverage Club, as well as a mural in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood.

Premium three-dimensional version of the popular board game CATAN available in the U.S., Canada, and United Kingdom

Roseville, MN – August 27, 2021 – CATAN Studio and Asmodee launched the highly-anticipated, luxury version of the board game classic CATAN, CATAN – 3D Edition. CATAN – 3D Edition is available at and other major retailers for an MSRP $300 USD/$419.99 CAD / £299.99 GBP. You can find CATAN – 3D Edition at a retailer near you through the store finder.

This long-awaited 3D edition of the contemporary classic board game CATAN is based on hand-sculpted terrain tiles by CATAN’s original game designer, Klaus Teuber, and includes hand-painted terrain, intricately designed and antiqued player pieces, thoughtful insert tray, and a beautiful display box.

“Our primary goal as CATAN Studio is to help share good stories that are well told,” said Pete Fenlon, CEO of CATAN Studio. “An immense amount of thought, care, and passion went into developing CATAN – 3D Edition. We cannot wait to get this game into the hands of players around the world so they can start building those amazing stories together.”

CATAN – 3D Edition Contains:

*Hand-painted 3D terrain hex tiles, sea frames, and harbor markers

*Antiqued 3D player pieces in four colors

*Antiqued robber figure

*Card sorting trays

*Custom CATAN dice

CATAN GMBH will continue to develop the world of CATAN 3D with new expansions, content and more – stay tuned!

As for the limited edition beer and mural:

*Catan Beer! – Over the next 12 months, CATAN will take on another new form with the help of Champion Brewing Company. As part of Champion’s Beverage Club, the brewer will produce six one-of-a-kind, limited-run CATAN beers, each reflecting a different terrain within the game. For more information, visit

*CATAN has also partnered with Chicago-based artist Czr Prz to craft a mural in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood celebrating interconnection. The mural is the first installment in a global art series commissioned by CATAN. Check out the mural’s unveiling here, or view the attached press release for more details.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more info on CATAN 3D and for all your tabletop needs!

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