Army of the dead – Swarm the City gets new demo on Steam

Swarm the City, an isometric zombie strategy game in which the player controls the zombies, has received a free new demo on Steam. The demo will allow players to see what the game’s core gameplay loops will consist of and experience three major chapters. For a look at what the game offers, watch the demo trailer below:

Swarm the City | Free Demo Trailer | New Casual Strategy Zombie Game | Coming June 16th

Swarm the City is an isometric zombie strategy game in which, unlike most other zombie games, players will act as the king of zombies to command a zombie army to infect human beings, infiltrate and attack their cities. Use good strategies and avoid getting your zombies killed by cops.
Swarm the City has 20 unique simulated cities, and an army of cops and soldiers with different weapons, mechanical robots, and vehicles with turrets, operating under different social patterns.
You can also use the skill option of injecting the plague before the start to affect the situation, a bit similar to the setting of the Plague Inc.
Key Features
  • Form a zombie army
  • Build different kinds of zombies
  • Infect humans by consuming their life source
  • Army operating under different social patterns
  • 20 unique simulated cities with abundant residents
  • Human armies of cops and soldiers with different weapons, mechanical robots, and vehicles with turrets.

The game features skill trees that allow you to customize zombies’ abilities to make them better suited for whatever tasks you will be facing.

Swarm the City is developed and published by Seasun Games. It is set for release later this year.

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