AtGames Pinball now available at Sam’s Club, new digital Taito pinball tables announced, and National Owner’s Day coming in Sept

AtGames has been on a roll the past couple of years with their ever growing line of home arcade products. From the AtGames Legends Ultimate arcade machine to their relatively new AtGames Pinball, they have shown dedication and determination to be one of the leaders of the home arcade market. While their pinball machine has been available for a while online, AtGames has now announced that it is available at Sam’s stores and that new digital pinball tables based on classic Taito games are now available to purchase. Additionally, AtGames has announced that National Owner’s Day, an extremely popular event comprising of contests, sales, and more will be returning in early September.

AtGames® Announces Upcoming Autumn National Owners Day (NOD) 2021 Celebration, Legends Pinball Sam’s Club Availability, and TAITO Pinball Tables Volume 2 Release for the Legends Arcade Family of Home Arcade Products

Highly anticipated Autumn NOD 2021 event, greater Legends Pinball availability, and release of exclusive TAITO Pinball Tables Volume 2 highlight the announcements for the premier home arcade platform

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (August 24, 2021) – AtGames®, a leader in interactive entertainment products, today announced the return of its popular National Owners Day (NOD) for Autumn 2021 on Friday, September 3, 2021, in addition to special retail availability for the Legends Pinball at Sam’s Club and the release of TAITO Pinball Tables Volume 2 exclusively for the Legends Arcade Family of home arcade products (

These announcements highlight the continued success of the Legends Arcade Platform, which began back in October 2019 with the release of the full-size Legends Ultimate home arcade and has since expanded to a wide range of critically acclaimed connected arcade products including AtGames Legends Pinball (ALP). High attach rates for sought-after, exclusive accessories and game packages have also advanced the platform for even more family gaming fun.

National Owner’s Day Details

NOD 2021 Autumn is the third in the special series of AtGames-hosted celebration events for existing and future owners centered around staying connected, having fun, shopping special deals, and winning big! There will be NOD-signature exclusive deals on the AtGames E-Store ( running from Friday, September 3, 2021 (9AM PT/11AM CT/12PM ET), through Monday, September 6, 2021 6PM PT. These deals will include bundles for Legends Ultimate, Legends Pinball, and a special entry-level price-point for the Pinball Starter Kit, as well as huge discounts on must-have accessories like the BitPixel LED marquee, Arcade Control Panel for Legends Pinball, Legends GamePad, and a few new products for preorder. Customers who purchase anything from the AtGames E-Store during this time will automatically be entered into a special drawing to win prizes. Every purchase increases the chance to win!

The special NOD 2021 Autumn competition and events will take place throughout the day on Sunday, September 5, 2021 at 9am PT, and include exclusive prizes and giveaways, and an evening live streaming show on Monday September 6, 2021 at 6pm PT to announce the wins.

Sam’s Club Availability

Legends Pinball, the most feature-rich, value-packed, and well-reviewed home digital pinball machine is now once again available at Sam’s Club (, this time in Sam’s exclusive single box packaging optimized for stores. The AtGames Legends Pinball machine comes with 22 built-in Gottlieb tables and a Sam’s Club-exclusive bonus with a three (3) month prepaid ArcadeNet Standard subscription ($60 value) and prepaid five (5) Zaccaria Pinball Tables Sampler.

Fun New Pinball Tables Now Available

Great new pinball tables now available to purchase at the AtGames E-Store include TAITO Pinball Tables Volume 1 and Volume 2, Zaccaria Table Volumes 1 – 4, and Zaccaria Deluxe Pinball Tables: Volume 5 ( More tables are also on the way. You can also play great arcade and console games on the pinball machine’s huge 32-inch vertical main playfield, and even add optional accessories like the premium Arcade Control Panel for authentic arcade-style controls or the Video Input Backglass Switchboard (VIBS) to allow even more flexible PC interfacing to the already impressive standard options.

The special NOD 2021 Autumn event will also see the worldwide release of the exclusive original TAITO Pinball Tables Volume 2. AtGames and Magic Pixel bring to life your favorite classic TAITO arcade games in a whole new way with original themed pinball tables in stunning 1080p! Rescue hostages in enemy territory in OPERATION WOLF™, break into a skyscraper to steal top secret documents in ELEVATOR ACTION™, herd the animals and save your girlfriend Zelda in ZOO KEEPER™, and fight Monstas to reclaim Chack’n and Miss Chack’n’s heart in Chack’N Pop™. Authentic sights and sounds paired with market-leading physics perfectly translate the legendary arcade games to their first-ever virtual pinball nirvana. Regardless of your preference, there’s a table for everyone in this impressive arcade-themed pinball collection available for the first time during NOD 2021 Autumn! Volume 2 joins the critically-acclaimed TAITO Pinball Table Volume 1 released earlier that features original virtual pinball tables themed after DARIUS™, FRONT LINE™, RASTAN™, and SPACE INVADERS™.

NOD 2021 Autumn’s special events and sales, Legends Pinball, and TAITO Pinball Tables Volume 2 enhance and celebrate Legends Arcade Family owner’s ownership and the power of the Legends Arcade Platform devices. The Legends Arcade Platform is exclusive to the AtGames family of home arcade products. Through the Legends Arcade Platform’s ArcadeNet® and BYOG™ (Bring Your Own Game) functionality, you can access even more games and features. ArcadeNet® provides instant play of a growing selection of games, online play, and high-score leaderboards. BYOG™ lets you play your digital PC games with the Legends Arcade Platform’s unique controls and display. With APL™ (Arcade Play Link) functionality, you can connect a variety of HDMI-, Bluetooth-, and USB-based devices and consoles for access to even more content. Through the AtGames Leagues Leaderboards™ (ALL), the premier event and high score tracking destination for the Legends connected home arcade series of products, you can see active and upcoming solo- and team-based game events, as well as the top rankings – and where you place – for a growing selection of legendary games. You can also live stream your gameplay through the most popular services. AppStoreX™ on Legends Arcade Family devices offers an ever-growing selection of third-party features and services.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more information on AtGames’ products and their National Owner’s Day event.

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