Arcade action-puzzle game Cyber Protocol now available for Nintendo Switch

RedDeerGames developed arcade action-puzzle game Cyber Protocol has been released on Nintendo Switch. The game features an Arcade Mode with a leaderboard that features the top 20 hackers globally.

So, your friendly companion – Android G0X6 – really got it this time. The job went pretty badly and you can kind of say that he’s dead, if androids could be alive, to begin with. Hold up! No grieving for hack’s sake! You could access his mainframe, activate the protocol responsible for his “life” functions and get him back on his toes again. Are you up to the challenge?

I mean, it’s not an easy task as G0X6 has a hack-ton of security systems to breach if you want to get him moving again. I’d say it would be around 100 boards and many of them are full of traps and you’ll need to use different hacking tricks and mechanics to get through those puzzle-like systems. Use your brain as often as you use your skills and remember the first principle of hacking – you can challenge any problem in a number of ways.

Cyber Protocol is available now on Nintendo Switch for $7.77 until October 12th. Afterwards, the price will raise to $9.99. For more information, visit the official website.

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