Apex Legends season 2 looks to please players with loads of new content

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is aiming to right the wrongs of season 1 by delivering a ton of new content. Announced at EA Play, season 2 will bring updates such as new modes, weapons, skins, and more. Drew McCoy, Respawn Entertainment’s Executive Producer, took the stage to assure players that the main focus of season two is delivering content. In the event, McCoy admits that season 1 didn’t ship as well as they would of liked, so they are bringing some changes that “should bring a lot of cool stuff to the game”.

The new weapon that was showcased is called the L-Star, which is a plasma fueled EMG that uses experimental type ammo. For the weapon reveal, viewers got to see the gun in action, which just shreds players to bits. McCoy stated that the gun is a blast to play with, even maybe being too overpowered.

The tenth legend that will be joining the Apex Legends arena is formerly known as Wattson. The female character is known as the “smartest woman in the frontier”. Some of the game designers behind the character went on to say that knowing the map and playing smart will lead to success when using the character. Her special ability looks to be more of a defensive approach, being able to set electric barricades which helps squads hold down positions. Her secondary ability is a unit that destroys incoming projectiles such as grenades and bombardments. Along with her abilities, she is said to have a lovable personality which helps players create more of a connection when they use her.

If this wasn’t enough, for the final recap trailer, viewers were given a glimpse of a huge creature with a squad gliding in front of it. A possible nod to future changes to the map? We’ll have to wait and see to find out officially. In the meantime, players can take part in a double XP weekend starting now. See you in the arena!

Michael Golba is a recent college grad looking to make his way into the world of gaming. He enjoys balancing his passions of gaming, movies, and fitness, and spends most of his days online or in the gym. You can find him talking about movies whenever he can, as well as quoting Dumb and Dumber at any given moment for no reason at all. Probably having spent too much time with games like Rocket League in college, he somehow managed to graduate early, and looks forward to his next adventure in life.

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