Akimi Village now available on PSN

The folks at NinjaBee, makers of the Kefling series on XBox Live Arcade, have released their next city-building game via PSN, Akimi Village.

Those familiar with NinjaBee’s previous city-building titles, A Kingdom for Keflings and A World of Keflings, will assuredly enjoy the gameplay of Akimi Village. Set on a mysterious floating island in the sky where the tiny Akimi villagers are trapped in the tight grip of the Gloom’s thick shadow. Players must help the Akimi by putting the villagers to work harvesting and refining resources, unlocking a huge set of blueprints in order to rebuild their village, spread the light and purify the island from the Gloom’s dark power.

You can get Akimi village on PSN right now for USD $9.99.


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