Acclaimed indie title Tunic is heading to PlayStation consoles in September

Critically acclaimed indie title Tunic is heading to PlayStation 4 and 5 on September 27th, 2022. If you happened to miss our review of Tunic, we gave it a perfect score, stating, “Tunic sits among the pinnacle of indie titles and is just as fun as it is cute and colorful. There are an astounding amount of secrets to discover in the game and, once you’ve found everything, you can easily play it again and again to do things in a different order using your knowledge. It’s a delightful experience that I just can’t get enough of.” You can read a quick announcement from the developers below.

Hi everyone!

Well, the game came out a little while ago and people seem to really, really like it. Please indulge me while I paste in some quotes that make me incredibly proud:

Destructoid rated it “9/10 (Superb)”. Their Zoey Handley said “it feels like there’s no end to its secrets” and called me “a devious bastard” which I like a lot.

Nicole Carpenter over at Polygon made a whole dang illustrated review for the game, calling it “so much more than what it first appears to be”.

IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey used the words “ceaselessly clever” and “immensely rewarding” and gave it a “9/10 (Amazing)”.

David Flynn at gave TUNIC a 100/100 and said it “sits among the pinnacle of indie titles”. He called it “one of the most well crafted games I’ve played in a long time”, which just, like… gosh.

So, if this all sounds good, and you are of the PlayStation Persuasion, you’ll be able to play TUNIC on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 this fall!

Thanks to everyone who has sent kind words and shared their stories of playing TUNIC. It really does mean a lot to hear that those feelings of mystery and discovery have landed for folks.

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