A new way to play all day, EA Play subscribers get Skate, Madden 22 early access

EA just announced that those who have subscribed to EA Play will be able to play Skate on August 5 as well as play an early access trial of Madden 22 starting next week. In addition to these two early access bonuses, subscribers can also claim rewards for Knockout City and Apex Legends in the coming days.

Prepare to kickflip and punt throughout August!

EA today announced that EA Play members will not only have access to Skate on August 5, but they will also be able to take the field first with the Madden NFL 22 early access trial ahead of the game’s August 20, 2021 launch. Members looking to score a touchdown will also get 10% off their Madden NFL 2021 pre-order.

In addition to these two titles, EA Play members will continue to be rewarded with new content all month long, including:

Fifa 21 (Now – September 1) – Claim the EA Play VOLTA SQUAD BOOST, which features the return of Groundbreaker Thierry Henry and the Nowhere FC Apparel Set, as well as 3,500 VOLTA COINS.

Knockout City (Now – September 27) – For each Orange Overcharge brawlers drink, they will be rewarded with 500% Bonus XP for every KO Finish they earn from Overcharged Shots.

Apex Legends (August 3 – September 1) – All Legends can add some flair to their arsenal with the Dicey Weapon Charm (from the upcoming Lost in Random). Once equipped, members can battle for glory and fame in style.

Madden NFL 22 (August 12 – August 20) – Members can play the Madden Ultimate Team Event and complete a set of challenges to win an elite wide receiver, as well as exclusive Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes art for their Power Up items. Also available on August 20 is the EA Play Welcome Pack featuring three new player items, which members can score when they join Madden Ultimate Team.

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