A match made in music heaven, 64 Bits releases a Smash and Rhythm Heaven animated mashup

In a random bout of sheer animated brilliance, Youtube animation channel 64 Bits has released a new video featuring a crossover between the Super Smash Brothers and Rhythm Heaven series. An homage to the final remix of Rhythm Heaven Fever, the video showcases multiple characters doing a host of crazy activities to the tune of the song.

Sakurai, we want more Rhythm in our Smash!

This Rhythm Heaven + Smash Bros animation took 3 months to make working on it full time! So hopefully you’re all patient for the next one :’) We’re working as hard as we can on these videos!

Check out the video above, and feel free to show some love to the 64 Bits team for a pretty neat animation. Stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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