Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition revealed by The OP, first of two licensed versions coming this year


As a part of a collaboration between USAopoly and Games Workshop, the first of two licensed versions of Talisman has been revealed to be Kingdom Hearts Edition. This version will be for up to 6 players and will challenge players to gather the strength and magic to seal the Door to Darkness.

Following the release of award-nominated video game Kingdom Hearts III, the celebration continues as Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition reveals Sora, Kairi, Riku, King Mickey, Goofy, and other comrades as figures at the helm of an exciting and different way to play the tabletop classic. Inspired by the original Kingdom Hearts video game franchise, the 2- to 6-player game’s objective compels players to acquire the needed Strength and Magic to seal the Door to Darkness and keep Heartless from consuming the communal worlds.

An artful gameboard with three regions, custom marbleized six-sided dice, tokens, and cards maintain the beloved aspects and exploratory spirit of “The Magical Quest Game” while offering lighthearted Disney nostalgia. Memorable locations such as Neverland and Traverse Town, Munny-themed currency, Gummi Paths and more will comprise a brand new experience by incorporating much-loved characters, worlds, and details from the Kingdom Hearts universe, surprising and delighting fans everywhere.

The decision to release a Kingdom Hearts version of Talisman is most likely due to the launch of the highly anticipating Kingdom Hearts III, which has had fans waiting with baited breath since 2012’s Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition will be released later this year. For more information, visit the official USAopoly website.

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