We’re not waiting for the end of the year – here are Gaming Trend’s Games of the Quarter picks

Not content to wait until the end of the year, we decided to make a list of our favorite games as of the first quarter of the year which covers the beginning of January through the end of March. While there have been a decent number of big-budget games vying for our attention, such as Dying Light, Evolve, and Bloodborne, a considerable amount of our time has been spent on the bite-sized variety which you’ll see reflected in our list.

Games like Helldivers and Life is Strange are continuing the trend of small games making a big splash in the gaming community, providing novelties in gameplay and narrative that are hard to find in high-profile games where publishers are obsessive about focus group testing and risk aversion.

Our list is comprised of the 10 games we think you shouldn’t miss from Q1 2015, in no particular order (actually, I made sure Helldivers was the cover game because I love it so much).

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