TGIF: Gaming Trend’s Weekend Lineup

Another day, another dollar. Another weekend, another wohllar? How about another weekend, another excuse to play more video games? Yeah, that’s sounds a lot better.

It’s still early in the year, so gamers can’t expect too much in the way of new releases, but there were a couple notable games released into the wild this past week. Fans of classic survival horror games can relive the terror of running for their lives from ravenous zombie dogs in Resident Evil Remastered. While those looking to strap on some space armor and go warring around a massive alien battlefield can fight alongside thousands of other players in the Planetside 2 beta. More to follow…

Josh Devlin, Reporter

I’ve been moving and completely wrapped up in both a full school schedule and a crowded work itinerary. I haven’t played a console video game in nearly five months, and I’ve played only a few hours of my 3DS and Vita while my hectic life whirls around me. I need a break. But the fact that I’m still living out of boxes and have major reports due in class early next week, prevents me from considering any rest as a legitimate option. I have to throw in some down time, though, or my head is going to explode; I think I’ll unpack my PS4 and play a little Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. I really think getting lost in the Caribbean, cavorting with Bonnie Lasses, and raiding trade ships might go a long way in helping me alleviate some of the stress and plunder back some of my sanity.

Niko DelValle, Editor

The new Ranked season of League of Legends has started, so I’m gonna be playing that to get back to my previous ranking. Other then that, I don’t have much to play right now other then the backlog I’ve been talking about going through for weeks now. Apparently, I have commitment issues when it comes to clearing out that backlog. But yea, I’m working too hard on my novel, the Spring Split of LCS has started, and I have a lot of appointments to go to so I just don’t have a lot of time to commit to those games right now. I enjoy chopping through great big chunks of things I’m playing at once, having to constantly start and stop wouldn’t be good for my experience.

Anyways, back to my novel…

Travis Northup, Staff Writer

This weekend I tackle the Hard Mode of Crota’s End (the latest raid in Destiny). I already tried beating it the past few nights and got my ass absolutely destroyed by the final boss on both occasions.

Depending on how many times I get murdered by Crota, I also hope to dig in to Saints Row IV Re-Elected, as I never played it during the previous console generation, and hear that it’s hysterical. I’ll also continue to play through the Ace Attorney Trilogy for the 3DS (I’m now part-way through the final game, and still loving it).

Eric Van Allen, Editor

I’m at PAX South this weekend! Bout damn time that the games industry got its sorry behind down to Texas. I’m writing this about eight hours into the first day and holy crap, I’m exhausted. Got to listen to Geoff Keighley talk about his career in games, played my first Magic tourney, demo’d some really awesome games and met some cool people. This con seems to be a lot more about community than just games, which is a weird contrast to my only other con experience (Playstation Experience). Might just be because it’s the first year and it’s a little small compared to Prime and East, but I’m glad we’ve finally got more gaming events in Texas.

Since I’ll be standing in lines for panels and such most of the weekend, I’ve brought along my 3DS and Vita for some good ol’ fashioned handheld gaming. I’ve got MH4U to get through for review, and on my Vita, I’ve got a backlog of games a mile long, including the excellent Suikoden 2. I also really wanted to boot League of Legends back up for the first time in forever, as I’ve been getting that itch I get at the start of every LCS season, but I forgot my dang mouse, so that ain’t happening. Oh well.

What are you playing this weekend? Tell us in the comments below.




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