Mega Man blasts onto Monster Hunter World

Mega Man has been beating up bad guys for over 30 years. Now, he gets to lay the smack down on hulking beasts in Monster Hunter World. As part of a special event running from April 13 – 26th, you can earn Mega Man tickets to craft your very own Blue Bomber. In the “Events” tab of your quest board select the 7-star quest “A Rush of Blood.” It’s an arena quest where you must slay two Odogarons (one normal size and one delightfully small). You’ll know you’re in the right place when the epic Mega Man music boots up at the beginning of the quest. Each weapon has a different theme that plays along with it during your battle, so try a few out to hear all the various tracks.

Two Odogarons can be a pain to deal with, so don’t be afraid to fire off your SOS flare for help. After completing the quest, among your spoils will be a Mega Man ticket. You use these to craft your armor and blaster back at the Smithy. Three tickets are required for the armor set, and two for the blaster, so you’ll need to complete the quest five times if you want the full Mega Man experience. Once you’ve collected everything you need, head over to the Workshop. Go to “Forge Palico Equipment” then “Full Armor Sets” for the pixel-y suit. The blaster can be found near the bottom of the “Standard Equipment” tab.

Boom! You are now the proud owner of a Mega Man Palico. Take that little boxy ball of death out for a test drive.

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