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Welcome, foolish mortals … to Shocktober. This weekend kicks off an entire month of gaming with ghosts, ghouls and gore. As a whirlwind of fallen leaves race across the streets, fleeing from the chilling grip of the Autumn breeze, we sit at home in the dark with our sweaty palms tensely-gripping a controller. Alone. No one to keep us company except for the deafening thuds of our beating hearts. Horror games are what make Shocktober a particularly spooktacular (okay, I’m done) month for gaming, and a time when we find ourselves leaning back with our hands covering faces, while still on the edge of our seats. So sit back, rel…uh… try to relax, and have some terrifying fun. Here’s what the GT Staffers are playing:

Josh Devlin, Reporter

I get Shocktober. I really do. It sounds like fun. But I can’t play scary games. I don’t have strength or backbone to take five steps into a pitch black hallway when there are children laughing or babies crying from within. Nope, it just isn’t going to happen. I will still try to keep the spirit alive with some spookily-themed games that are more in line with my scare threshold. Luigi’s Mansion and Costume Quest. With Costume Quest 2 releasing next week, I’d like to try out the first one for context.

I will also be responsible for my share of gore as I decapitate and severe orc limbs for hours and hours on end in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Eric Van Allen, Editor

I would have to heavily agree with Josh, in that scary games are rarely my cup of tea (Silent Hill being the only exception). As for what I’ll be playing this weekend, well, we’re in the hallowed month of holiday releases, and there’s a full docket this week. Smash Bros. for the 3DS will be my “play while Netflix binging” game, and I’ll be wrapping up a run of Ryse: Son of Rome just in time for a review.

Shadow of Mordor is also on my list this weekend, and it will likely be contending with Dragon Age: Inquisition for my personal GOTY. The Nemesis system is really amazing, and this game was a real dark horse that now seems to be the first real “next-gen experience.”

Kenneth Shepard, Lead News Editor

Now that I’ve successfully evicted Destiny from my home, I’m now free to shift my focus to games that don’t give me stomach ulcers, namely the excellent Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. There’s not really any other way to describe this game that comes to mind other than “perfection.” It’s everything that Persona 4 Arena needed to be, and that game was already incredible. Now that people are starting to get a hang of the new characters, my online win percentage is quickly deteriorating, but that’s fine because I still enjoy the game because it’s so masterfully crafted and has so much awesome fan service for one of my favorite series.

Unfortunately, I also have a massive distraction sitting in my 3DS called Super Smash Bros. The fact that the game is a complete Smash experience on a handheld makes it all the more daunting as I consider the fact that I’ll have to unlock everything on it by myself, especially since I’ll have to play as plenty of characters other than Pikachu to do it. Perhaps I’ll just make Smash a more casual endeavor and really try to hone my skill in Ultimax. Either way, it’s a damn good week to be a fighting game fan.

Ron Burke, Editor in Chief

There is a huge downside to this gig – anticipation.  I got an awesome opportunity to dig into Assassin’s Creed Unity more than a month early.  I can’t say much (Shhh….it’s awesome! So much good change!) until Monday, but now I’ve got it on my brain.  I want to play more!

I’m hoping that I’ll get my wits scared out of me with Alien: Isolation.  Every single scrap of information I’ve seen about the game has been overwhelmingly positive, and it may be the stand-out reason to pick up an Oculus Rift.  (and then unceremoniously fling it across the house screaming like a cheerleader)   I don’t mind scary, honestly.  It’s just specifically the rapid head-shaky business like in the PT demo.  Aliens?  Bring em’ on!

I do want to share one last thing – Dragon Age: Inquisition.   Gaming Trend gave several awards to the game, and one of those (Best RPG) showed up on this awesome trailer showing off the stunning levels of character creation.  You should watch it.  Twice.

DRAGON AGE™: INQUISITION Gameplay Feature – Character Creation

What are you playing this weekend? Sound off in the comments.

On December 5, 1986, Josh was born into this world pink-faced and squalling. His only thoughts were, "WHAT IS GOING ON? WHO ARE ALL OF THESE PEOPLE? AND WHY THE HELL AM I NAKED?" 19 years later he bought an Xbox 360 and now plays and writes about video games. Life is funny that way.

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