TGIF: Gaming Trend’s Weekend Lineup

This edition of TGIF is going to be full of wonder and suspense as the world speculates over what games everyone will be playing this weekend.

(Man enters and whispers something into the speaker’s ear).

This just in: Everyone will be playing Destiny. Thank you and good night.

Josh Devlin, Reporter

First, I’ll probably start with the critically-acclaimed, and my personal favorite MMO, APB Reloaded. Then I’ll dust off the ol’ Kinect for an enrapturing play session of The Fighter Within, because somehow I missed that gem. Finally, I’ll bring my amazing weekend to a close with some heart-stopping, mind-blowing, balls to the walls action in nintendogs+cats on the 3DS.

I kid. I’m playing Destiny.

Ron Burke, Editor in Chief

So I’ve had an interesting week meaning I’ve not had as much time with Destiny as I’d have liked.  That said, I’ll dive in there, obviously.   I also think I’m gonna supplement my cardio workout time with some Dance Central Spotlight to break things up.  It’s a lot more fun than Xbox One’s MOSA Fight, and at least I can enjoy the music a little bit more.  After the last two weekends of heavy construction, it’ll be nice to get some relaxing time.

I did pop out to San Francisco to check out Microsoft’s upcoming lineup (you can read my thoughts on Forza Horizon 2 here), and it’s certainly got me thinking about Sunset Overdrive.  I didn’t get to check it out for myself at E3, so it was pretty awesome going in blind.  If it isn’t on your radar, it should be now.  Stay tuned on September 22nd for the info on that one.  Before we get into that though, check out our Halo Universe blowout on September 17th.  Yes…we have officially started the holidays!

Lucious Barnes, Staff Writer

Diablo 3…

These are the two mini-obsessions that will dominate much of my gaming this weekend. Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition continues to surprise me with how much it holds my interest. Granted I got it to elevate a particular gaming niche that I normally filled with Dynasty Warriors, but so far it just keeps calling me back to find the best ways to balance and elevate my various characters. It just keeps proving to be a game bursting at the seams with X-factor, and I love it.

Destiny on the other hand has still proven to be more of a mix bag. On one hand the game has this constant smoldering potential to explode with seamless edge of your seat action at any moment. On the other hand (and maybe this is still a hangover from Beta bingeing) but it can also just feel very grindy. These are still extremely early feelings though, and since I agreed to moderate my progression until my brother’s copy arrives in the mail, I’ve only barely passed what Bungie teased us with a few weeks ago, hardly a fair basis for forging an opinion… And whatever gripes I may have, I am writing this after getting sucked into 2 hour session.

This, combined with the fact my gamer-girlfriend just brought home Sims 4, tells me that whatever we do wind up doing this weekend, it won’t involve a lot of talking.

What are you playing this weekend? Tell us in the comments below.

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