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The Sims 4 launched their new Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack today, July 28th. I’ve had a weekend preview to play with it, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! Coming hot off the heels of the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, which left a lot to be desired for me, this little Stuff Pack was a breath of fresh air, literally. You can read my review for Eco Lifestyle here, but I was happy to move on to Nifty Knitting! There are a handful of new hair styles and clothing items, none of which really excited me. If you want to look like a Karen, then have at it. I’m not sure if EA assumes that knitters look like frumpy old ladies, but you can check out the new stuff in the short video I took below.

The Sims 4: Nifty Knittying Stuff Pack hair & clothing preview [Gaming Trend]

Thankfully the actual content in Nifty Knitting is more impressive than the hair and clothing. Of course the main attraction is the new hobby, knitting. You can start this by purchasing the Beginners Yarn Basket and placing it in your inventory. There is also a rocking chair you can sit in while you knit, which was oddly relaxing for me. You can nap, chill, knit and read while rocking.

Rocking and knitting. So relaxing!

Speaking of rocking, I am thrilled that the Metal music station has been added to the game. This is my music genre of choice, and it was fantastic to watch my Sims headbang and air guitar. Also, somehow listening to Metal while knitting will give you bonuses to knitting… who knew?

While my Sim started out only knowing how to knit some socks and adorable beanies, the skill leveled up fairly quick and before long I was making rugs, mailbox covers, hanging planters, and adorable plushies. I also crafted a cute little stool called a pouf, which you can see me sitting on below. Your Sim can not only wear the items you make, but can gift them, donate them, or put them on the new in-game marketplace called Plopsy.


Plopsy is a virtual Etsy, where you can sell all of your knitted creations to make Simoleons. You can also place other hobby-crafted items on Plopsy, and you’ll get more money selling them there than just selling them from your inventory. I did notice that items moved fairly slow though, so if you’re looking for quick cash, Plopsy might not be your best bet. You can also shop on Plopsy for items that NPC Sims post for sale.

Some new furnishing items are also included with the Stuff Pack. For the sake of doing the review quickly, I added a pre-made knitting room to my house. The items all fit the theme well, and feel very homey and comforting.  The only downside is my family kept coming into my knitting room to bother me. Maybe next time I will have to lock the door so I can knit in peace while I rock out to my metal.

Rockin with my socks on!

There isn’t a whole lot of content with this pack, but what is here is not only fun, but also functional. You can keep warm with cute socks and sweaters, knit toys for your kids, make rugs for your home, and spruce up the place with peaceful hanging planters. This pack was a great addition to The Sims 4, and since the community helped create this project, it’s even more special. Hopefully EA will listen to us fans more for future packs and expansions. Until then, happy knitting!

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The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting

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I found the Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack to be a relaxing distraction after the Eco Lifestyle expansion. Though it isn't filled to the brim with content, what is there is fun. The new knitting hobby will keep you busy and you'll make some profit with the new Plopsy marketplace.

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