Balls don’t lie – Dodgeball Academia review

Dodgeball Academia is an unsuspecting RPG built around playing a sport nearly everyone loves: dodgeball. You follow Otto, the new student at an academy that is built around teaching kids the art of dodgeball, and he is bent on becoming the dodgeball master. The Pokemon vibes are all over this game but in no way does Dodgeball Academia copycat the multi-billion dollar franchise. Dodgeball Academia presents its own quirky characters and adventure that is brought to life by Ivan Freire’s outstanding artwork.

Much of the best parts of Dodgeball Academia are centered around playing dodgeball, but the story bursts with fun and positive themes, even though it does meander a little bit, and throws in a few themes that aren’t fleshed out enough.

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Dodgeball Academia Review



Dodgeball Academia

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Dodgeball Academia hits you with vibrant, fun characters, quirky one liners, and gameplay that is almost perfectly crafted around this favorite childhood pastime. It’s wild no one has thought to make this earlier, but it’s great Pocket Trap did with the artistic direction of Ivan Freire.

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