A near perfect bag for your Nintendo Switch – Peak Design Everyday Sling 3L V2 Bag review

I’m a sucker for satchels and sling bags. I’ve used a satchel since I started at university in 2016, and haven’t looked back since. Backpacks are great, but they’re not designed as simple as a satchel and a sling bag. These types of single strap bags are the best because they’re barely noticeable and allow easy access to the bag’s contents on the go. So, when Peak Design reached out to us to try one of their sling bags, I couldn’t say no.

The Peak Design 3L Everyday Sling V2 bag is weatherproof, has an inner “FlexFold” divider, and is made from 100% recycled materials. It’s sturdy, comfortable, and can be slung around your body or attached to your hip.. It can be used in a variety of ways. For the photographers out there, you can use it as a single camera bag. Depending on the size of your DSLR and its accompanying lens, you could potentially carry extra accessories. But, since you’re here at Gaming Trend, you’re likely more interested in how it stacks up as a gaming bag.

If you’re going to use it as a gaming bag, given its size you’ll likely be using it as a Nintendo Switch bag. As you can see in the image above, the bag has been marketed to carry your Switch. However, you may discover that the portable console has a hard time sitting flat on the bottom of the bag. In testing, I found that when I pushed my Switch into it, the bag was just half an inch too small for it to fit comfortably. As a result, the joy cons popped off their hinge. You have to place the Switch in diagonally, but that cuts out a lot of space that you could utilize — otherwise, you may need to disconnect the joy cons from the console each time you store it. Nonetheless, if you’re not bothered by this, then it works great as a carry bag for your Switch.

The bag is definitely perfect for both carrying a DSLR and a Nintendo Switch, as there are a couple pockets to store relevant equipment. Inside, you’ll find a zip-locked compartment. Further inside, there are three individual pockets that can store a large number of cards; both SD cards and Switch cartridges. Between the pockets and the zipper, there’s enough room to also store small cables.

At the front, there’s another zipped compartment. However, this one is very tight and I struggle fitting my hand in to remove items from inside it. It’s perfect for carrying smaller cables, cards, or even your phone — but nothing larger.

The 3L Sling Bag can also be used to carry smaller peripherals, such as a gaming controller. There’s enough room inside this bag to fit just about any small electronic device you need for your travels. Plus, it’ll comfortably fit that power bank you’ll inevitably need for your Nintendo Switch, as well as power adapters and the like.

However, as great as this bag can be to carry your Nintendo Switch or DSLR, that doesn’t mean you have to use it as such. I tested this bag for a week, and used it as my everyday carry bag for my comings and goings to work and around my city. If you’re like me, you’ll also want to repurpose it for use other than gaming. So, how does it stack up as such? Well, the short answer is: quite well.

At the end of the day, it’s a 3L bag, so don’t expect that you’ll be able to carry a whole lot of stuff. Now as my EDC bag, I can carry a PS4 controller, a 12oz Keep Cup, a power pack, wallet, keys, two cables, and my work pass. Although all these items sit rather snuggly in my bag, it’s everything I need or want for my day and I don’t need to skip out on some items just to fit something else. For me, it’s just the perfect size for my day-to-day life. However, I would still recommend you buy, at the minimum, the 6L version, as it will allow you to carry just about anything you need without having to worry about snugness.

The last thing I’d like to touch on is anti-theft measures, which has only one outstanding problem. While the hard 400D shell largely seems slash-proof, that doesn’t mean the straps are. Both the body and hip straps seem rather weak, and while I couldn’t see them snap after long use or heavy load, I can see them being easily cut off by a thief. However, worry not about the zipper, as the zips are rather tough to pull on, so you’ll likely notice someone tugging on the bag.

I love this bag, it’s fantastic. It’s just perfect for me to replace my current satchel as my everyday carry bag, with just enough room to carry all my daily essentials. Plus, it works well as a DSLR or Nintendo Switch bag, and its added toughness absolutely gives me confidence everything inside will be safe. But, at the end of the day, my recommendation is to go for the 6L version — while the 3L is great in all that it has to offer, the 6L just gives you that extra bit of room that you may find yourself one day needing.



Peak Design Everyday Sling 3L V2 Bag

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The Peak Design 3L sling bag is a great bag to store just about all you need for your day to day activities. It works well as a go-to carry bag for your Nintendo Switch or DSLR camera, as its hard shell design keeps everything inside safe, while still being comfortable to carry. While the sling itself isn’t cut-proof, the rest of the bag largely appears thief-proof.

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